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A key milestone for Polkadex and the start of a new era for DeFi and Web3

The first step that will turn the Polkadex vision into reality is almost here!

You can now run your own Polkadex node in no time thanks to OnFinality

The program gives the Polkadex team the hands-on support and resources necessary to take Polkadex to the next level

Over a week after the successful Polkadex Mainnet launch, dive into the importance of validators on the Polkadex network

An amazing month capped off by the launch f the Polkadex Mainnet!

The next phase of the Polkadex Testnet includes the PDEX Migration process redesigned for Test Tokens

Your chance to get your hands on super-cute rare Polkadex NFTs is here!

The giveaway (is now over!)

After last week’s successful release of the Polkadex Testnet, it’s time to kick things up a notch.

An important step towards becoming the trading engine of Web3 and DeFi!


⛓Cutting edge orderbook based DEX built on Substrate 📲 www.polkadex.trade

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