Cross-Chain Bridging is Now Integrated into Polkadex Orderbook

Polkadex Orderbook now lets you add funds from other networks directly using the new Bridge tab!

2 min readJun 7, 2024

Bridging is here! Bringing funds from other Polkadot networks to Polkadex and vice versa is now possible without leaving Polkadex Orderbook.

In other words, Polkadot ecosystem traders can now transfer their funds to and from Polkadex within the same platform they can place limit and market order trades on: Polkadex Orderbook.

Bridge, transfer, and, most importantly, trade — all in one place

Whether you want to transfer DOT from Polkadot, USDT or meme coins like PINK through Asset Hub, or GLMR from Moonbeam, for example, you can now complete the necessary cross-chain transfer directly on the new Bridge page on Polkadex Orderbook.

This update builds on the recent Connect & Trade release and introduces an even more significant improvement to the Polkadex user experience, bringing all the interactions between users and Polkadex products under one unified, easy-to-navigate app. What was once a two step process with users being redirected to a different page for THEA Bridge now falls under the Polkadex Orderbook umbrella.

Supported networks

The Bridge tab brings traders from other Polkadot parachains closer than ever to Polkadex Orderbook and streamlines the cross-chain ‘deposit’ and ‘withdrawal’ process. The following networks and tokens are now just a few clicks away from trading on a non-custodial, high frequency trading, order book DEX:

Additionally, the networks and tokens below are now transferable to and from Polkadex via the Bridge tab in preparation for their official listing launch:

Watch the guide

Watch the video above to learn more about the new Bridge feature and follow along to learn how easy it is to make deposits and withdrawals on Polkadex Orderbook.

Direct deposits and withdrawals are coming!

The next major update will combine Connect & Trade with the Bridge tab and Auto-Swap to make onboarding from other networks even easier!

Start trading on Polkadex Orderbook now!

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