Polkadex Onboards RadiumBlock as DevOps Infrastructure Partner

2 min readNov 15, 2023


Polkadex has partnered with Web3 DevOps infrastructure provider RadiumBlock. Known for operating one of the most efficient RPC services in the Polkadot ecosystem, RadiumBlock specialises in providing high-performance infrastructure for the Polkadot/Substrate ecosystem.

RadiumBlock has been a validator on the Polkadex network since the launch of the network back at the end of 2021. RadiumBlock also runs validators on other Substrate-based networks like Polkadot or Astar, and other proof of stake networks beyond Substrate, such as Solana.

Beyond their Web3 expertise, the RadiumBlock team has years of experience in managing data centers and business infrastructure, catering to a diverse range of clients from billion-dollar corporations to small startups. “The versatility of its clientele highlights RadiumBlock’s adaptability and reliability as an infrastructure partner,” said Gautham J, CEO & Co-Founder of Polkadex.

“RadiumBlock is excited about its partnership with Polkadex. As the highest-performing infrastructure provider in the Polkadot network, we hope to enable and enhance Polkadex’s continuously expanding ecosystem.” — Vinu Joseph — Co-Founder at RadiumBlock

Thanks to RadiumBlock, Polkadex network participants can benefit from a super fast API endpoint connection to the Polkadex network’s data. While their impact may not be as visible to the average Polkadex user, RadiumBlock’s services make the network more robust for all network participants, including other service providers, teams building on Polkadex, and even Polkadex Orderbook traders.

Connect to Polkadex using RadiumBlock now!

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