Polkadex partners with Subsquid

Polkadex and Subsquid will explore synergies to leverage Subsquid’s API frameworks on Polkadex

2 min readAug 2, 2022

Polkadex and Subsquid have entered a partnership agreement to explore mutual synergies and future cooperation activities. Known as the ‘data backbone of Web3’, Subsquid is already supporting multiple Polkadot ecosystem projects with its leading Web3 data tools.

Thanks to its on-chain data processing solutions, Subsquid enables Web3 builders to gain access to on-chain data on their own terms. As the leading Web3 API framework, Subsquid is designed to have plenty of crossover potential with Polkadex.

Polkadex + Subsquid

Polkadex will look to explore synergies with Subsquid, potentially leveraging Subsquid’s infrastructure for indexing solutions and transaction monitoring via Subsquid APIs in the first ever high-frequency-trading-enabled order-book DEX.

“Partnering with Subsquid is exciting because it brings a huge potential value-add to the whole Polkadex community” said Polkadex COO Deepansh Singh.

“This partnership could provide the Polkadex community with helpful tools to visualise data and improve the user experience’’, said Dagmara Handzlik, Polkadex’s Head of Marketing. “It will definitely strengthen both Polkadex’s and Subsquid’s presences in the DotSama ecosystem and bring value for the community.”

Polkadex is one of the most innovative projects in Dotsama, and their open beta is currently proving that they are setting the standard in terms of exchange UX for the entire space. This partnership, we believe, will lead to an even better experience for Polkadex users and bring our ecosystem further into the future.

— Subsquid Co-Founder Marcel Fohrmann

We see huge potential for what this partnership can mean for the Polkadex and Subsquid communities. Our two teams could make a huge difference in how users experience Dotsama and bring high trading volume to the ecosystem. We are looking forward to creating a lot of value in many ways together.

— Subsquid CMO Roman Kemper

About Subsquid

Subsquid is an indexing solution that enables Web3 builders to gain access to on-chain data on their own terms. Featuring modular architecture and decentralised governance, this is the most developer-friendly and resource-efficient way to build, test, and deploy customised APIs for blockchain-facing applications.

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About Polkadex

Polkadex is a fully decentralized, peer-to-peer, orderbook-based cryptocurrency exchange for the DeFi ecosystem built on Substrate and designed to become the ultimate trading engine for Web3. In order to do so, Polkadex is creating an easy-to-use platform that combines the benefits of centralized and decentralized exchanges into one cutting-edge solution that caters to all crypto traders.

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