Polkadex partners with testing partner 4Labs

2 min readNov 22, 2023


Polkadex has partnered with digital services and emerging technologies provider 4Labs. With the help of 4Labs, the Polkadex team aims to establish efficient, positive feedback loops which will continually improve the Polkadex user experience.

“In order to make Polkadex Orderbook a better place to trade, we need to focus on making constant improvements to the user experience on Polkadex while ensuring the proper functionality of the Polkadex tech stack,” said Polkadex CEO & Co-Founder Gautham J. “4Labs will help us do just that.”

Testing details

4Labs’ testing activities will encompass functionality, user interface, and API testing, as well as regression testing for new updates, and, lastly, automation of the whole testing process.

On the functionality side, 4Labs will conduct testing on the Polkadex Orderbook and THEA web apps, as well as on the connection with the polkadot.js browser extension.

4Labs’ frontend testing will ensure that the Polkadex user interface is intuitive, user-friendly, and easy-to-use. APIs will constantly be checked for correctness, data integrity, and security, while regression testing will aim to confirm any new update or change to the code does not introduce any issues or bugs.

On top of all of the testing conducted on a continuous basis, 4Labs will design and develop automation frameworks to further streamline the testing process.

Understated impact

While its impact may not be immediately visible, the partnership between Polkadex and 4Labs is crucial for improving the trading experience on Polkadex Orderbook. This collaboration will quietly but effectively enhance the decentralized exchange’s functionality and user experience, leading to a smoother and more secure trading environment for Polkadex users.

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