Polkadex v4.0.0 is now available: Orderbook is around the corner

The release of v4.0.0 is the first step in the mainnet rollout of Polkadex Orderbook

Upgrading to v4.0.0

It is important for validators to upgrade to v4.0.0 sooner than later so as to prevent any negative impacts on the release timeframe.

Step by step upgrade guide for validators

This release does not require validators to build a node from scratch. Most validators will only need to download the new binary and replace it, which will mean your node is merely offline for a few minutes as you follow the steps below:

  • Download v4.0.0 release
  • Unzip v4.0.0 binary
  • Stop service file (Command to use: systemctl stop polkadex.service)
  • Replace old polkadex-node binary with new one
  • Restart service file (Command to use: systemctl start polkadex.service)

What about validators who use OnFinality?

If you’re running a node with OnFinality upgrading to the latest build will be even easier. Once v4.0.0 is available on OnFinality, all you have to do is simply select Actions in your OnFinality dashboard, then select ‘Change Image’ and select v4.0.0.

Roll out the red carpet for Polkadex Orderbook

v4.0.0 prepares the Polkadex network for the mainnet release of Polkadex Orderbook. Once enough validator nodes have updated to the latest binary, the Polkadex team will trigger the runtime upgrade which will update the blockchain with all the requirements it needs to run Polkadex Orderbook.



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