Polkadex Validators, v5.4.0 is Here!

v5.4.0 will significantly streamline the Polkadex Orderbook user experience

3 min readNov 3, 2023

Heads up, Polkadex validators: the new v5.4.0 binaries are now available to download. All validators are encouraged to update their nodes to the new version of Polkadex, which brings exciting enhancements to the network and will significantly streamline the Polkadex Orderbook user experience and improve overall reliability.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in v5.4.0:

  • An update to Polkadot v1.1.0, ensuring compatibility with the latest protocol updates.
  • Integration of the PolkaPool client-side and runtime changes
  • The deployment of a long-awaited feature that will enable users to pay network fees with external tokens.
  • Simplification of the deposit and withdrawal processes, removing the need for users to manually claim transactions.
  • Numerous fixes addressing gossip broadcast and networking bugs, as well as fixes of false positive error messages from off-chain workers

While the auto-conversion into PDEX of external tokens in order to cover network fees upon depositing funds is a crucial feature to improve the Polkadex Orderbook onboarding experience, it’s important to note that this functionality will not be available immediately. Additionally, once it does roll out, it will initially support only those external tokens which are part of existing liquidity pools on PolkaPool. Lastly, certain frontend changes which are currently under works are required for this feature to be seamless.

Similarly, while the update will remove the need for users to manually claim deposit and withdrawal transactions, the claiming flow will still be visible on the frontend as a safeguard if required.

This update marks a pivotal step in our continued effort to improve the reliability and accessibility of Polkadex Orderbook. We’re excited about v5.4.0’s enhancements and we trust all Polkadex validators share the enthusiasm!

To update your nodes, check out the v5.4.0 Release Notes.

Update timeline

Pending adoption of v5.4.0, the Polkadex team aims to complete a runtime upgrade in the upcoming 2 weeks. To facilitate the transition, we call upon your trademark proactivity and collective spirit, which have been instrumental in the success of past updates.

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to each and every one of you for your ongoing support and dedication. We also ask for your patience and cooperation as we roll out the new features which v5.4.0 brings to the chain.

Drop into the #validators channel on the Polkadex Discord server if you have any questions about updating your nodes!

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