Sherman Lee and Alex N join the Polkadex board of advisors

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Lee has been in touch with the team for close to 9 months, having known the Polkadex team from the time they were focused on Pebble consensus protocol. This distributed consensus algorithm helps to scale transaction throughput to more than 20,000 TPS, which the Polkadex team will integrate into their product based on the 2022 roadmap.

This distributed AI network helps to process deep learning algorithms with chunks of data. Lee brings with him rich experience in AI and Machine learning, which could complement the vision of both projects long term.

Alex N, the CEO of Moon Inc, brings with him years of experience in crypto and as an early-stage investor in crypto start-ups. He will help the team navigate the banking, legal compliance, exchange listing, business development and will lead the funding round in the seed phase.

A decentralized, peer-peer, order book based cryptocurrency exchange built on substrate

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