Thea: A Better Decentralized Token Bridge

Thea, Polkadex’s revolutionary interoperability layer, is almost here. Get ready for an easier, safer, and more decentralized token bridge.

Too expensive, too complicated, too slow, not safe enough… sound familiar?

Thea’s foundational pillars

  • Thea must allow transfers from any generic wallet
  • Thea must ensure that bridging transactions costs the same as regular on-chain transfers
  • Thea transactions should not take a long time to process
  • Thea transactions should happen in just one operation. No more approve & transfer.
  • Thea users should not need to understand the underlying mechanism in order to use it

A whole new token bridge model

How does it actually work?

Thea? A technical breakdown of the name


Light clients

Thea vs the rest

Dive deeper

When can we meet Thea? PolkaIDO releases

The future of Thea

Thea and Polkadex



⛓Cutting edge orderbook based DEX built on Substrate 📲

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