August at Polkadex

From partnering with Subsquid, to releasing Orderbook v1.1 on Kaizen, and to the Ledger team starting its official security review of the Polkadex app, August was an eventful month!

6 min readSep 4, 2022

August is over. While that means summer is coming to an end, it also means we are another month closer to Polkadex Orderbook’s mainnet launch. Catch up with the official highlights of August at Polkadex to make sure you’re ready for everything coming this fall!

The Polkadex network continues to grow. In August, the total amount of PDEX staked increased by over 9%, thus surpassing 3.1 million PDEX or 16.4% of the total amount of PDEX. That’s almost the equivalent of every 1 in 6 PDEX in staking. It’s still a good time to stake your PDEX as staking rewards remain high at 30.8%.

Following July’s release of Polkadex Orderbook on Kaizen and the start of the Polkadex Open Beta, August has been a month of bug fixes and preparation for the main event: Polkadex Orderbook’s mainnet launch. Some of this preparation has included withdrawal refactoring, cancel order changes, Hummingbot integration work, and more.

Later in the month, the Polkadex dev team released Orderbook v1.1, featuring a new signup flow, a new “Account Manager” page, and important bug fixes and UI improvements based on the first cycle of Open Beta tester feedback. Throughout the month, the team has also focused on finalizing Orderbook withdrawals and putting the finishing touches on the ChainBridge integration.

In the last week of the month, the team fixed a known orderbook desynchronisation issue, added a numerical password option for trading accounts, and fixed an order history issue. They also completed internal end to end testing of the Hummingbot integration and did important work on the Orderbook recovery mechanism. As always, they continued to squash away bugs and implement improvements sourced from Open Beta feedback.

August was also a month for headway-making on the development of the Polkadex mobile app, with the integration of the new signup flow and a new wallet page, and work on balances, order placement, and other UI fixes. The mobile team closed off the month with work on the ‘Connect Wallet’ widget followed by internal testing.

Last but not least, we even managed to push out a completely revamped staking page on the Polkadex website as part the full website overhaul we’ve been working on. Check out the new staking page for more details on how to stake your PDEX!

August was a pretty eventful month… as in, we attended lots of online and real life events!

At the start of the month, Outlier Ventures hosted Polkadex COO and Co-Founder Deepansh Singh and Joe Petrowski from Web3 Foundation for an AMA about their Polkadot accelerator. Later that week, some of the Polkadex dev team members gathered in Goa for Web3Conf India. Polkadex Junior Rust Engineer Faisal Ahmed gave a talk on blockchain bridges and interoperability in Polkadot while other dev team members led workshops on AMMs.

Closer to the end of the month, we invited Polkadexers to Founderly’s Third Wave, an in-person Web3 event in Tallinn that brought together founders, investors, ecosystem builders, and regulators. Vivek even spoke at a panel on “The Emerging Programmable Money".

On the Youtube front, KryptoNeed covered the latest updates from Polkadex in German, while Cripto para Todos did a deep dive on what’s coming up next for Polkadex in Spanish.

Last but not least, Polkadex seems to have been the winner of KryptosChain’s ‘next interview’ poll on Twitter, so look out for an interview coming soon!

This August began with the announcement of our partnership with Subsquid, the data backbone of Web3. Subsquid is already supporting multiple Dotsama ecosystem projects with its leading Web3 data tools and we are excited to explore mutual synergies with them.

In fact, we were so excited we even ran a joint giveaway throughout the second half of the month and gave away $1,000 in PDEX along with 2 Squid Squad NFTs from Subsquid’s awesome NFT collection.

Thanks to our new friends at TapX, we also updated the link in our Twitter bio to a made-for-Web3 page which features more links and helpful resources for Polkadexers.

Last but not least, while we closed off July with the amazing news that Polkadex is now available on Ledger devices in developer mode, we closed off August with even better news: the Polkadex Ledger app is now under offical security review! Thank you to our partners at Zondax for yet again bringing native PDEX closer to an official Ledger launch!

New office

Community starts within the core team and essential to any community is a gathering place. That’s why we were so excited to move into our first in-person gathering place (AKA our first office) in Bangalore earlier this month! While most of the Polkadex team continues to be spread around the world, it’s also important to have a physical gathering place — especially for our dev team — as we head into rollout mode and beyond. And what better place than the tech capital of India and the world’s fastest growing tech hub.

Giving back

With numerous giveaways and the full distribution of private beta tester rewards, August also felt like a month of giving back to the community. We hope Polkadex can keep giving back for a long time to come and can’t wait to start rolling out products to the mainnet.

Social roundup

As of the end of August, Polkadex’s Twitter follower count had increased to over 62,940, while the total Telegram members across all channels (English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, India, German and Turkish) surpassed 22,800. The number of Medium followers increased to 4,226, while the number of native PDEX holders grew by almost 5% to reach 3,902. There are now 3,772 Polkadexers on Discord (almost a 7% increase from July), 1,673 on Reddit, 1,743 on YouTube, and 1,662 on LinkedIn. Let’s keep the momentum going!

With a planned Q3 mainnet release of Polkadex Orderbook, September should be fun. Don’t make us wake you up when September ends!

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Bonus highlight

At the end of August, a bunch of Polkadex team members got together at our new Bangalore office!