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The much-awaited testnet release version 2.0 from Polkadex is now live! 🍾

We have enabled the following features in the new release:

  1. The public can use testnet tokens to submit trades.
  2. They can watch the live trades being executed by the Polkadex engine using the explorer link here.

Please join our telegram group to access testnet tokens.

We will continue to update new releases to make the interface as smooth as possible! So, feel free to play around with the features. We look forward to your valuable feedback!

Happy new year to everyone ❤️️

-Polkadex team

“If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.” — Ratan Tata.

We are proud to announce the addition of two rockstars to the Polkadex hall of fame.

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Sonja Prstec is a well-known lawyer in the world of open blockchains, someone who is on a mission to make the world borderless through her ideology that goes far beyond the ethos of the nation-state we see today. She has served as the legal counsel for web3 and will now advise Polkadex on the legal and regulatory framework in the European Union.

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We are excited to announce that Sherman Lee and Alex N join the Polkadex board of advisors. Lee has been in touch with the team for close to 9 months, having known the Polkadex team from the time they were focused on Pebble consensus protocol. This distributed consensus algorithm helps to scale transaction throughput to more than 20,000 TPS, which the Polkadex team will integrate into their product based on the 2022 roadmap.

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We are happy to announce that Mr. Matthias Hafner from joins the Polkadex board of advisors. We believe that his knowledge in building Economic models and simulations in decentralized networks will add great value to our intellectual capital.

It gives us immense pleasure to announce the release of Polkadex testnet v1.0 With this, we are proud to say that we are the first Order book based DEX to release the testnet on the Polkadot Ecosystem.

You may access it here:

We are simulating trades from one of the largest centralized exchanges, processing about 20–30 trades per second on average for BTC/USDT. The order book is fully decentralized on-chain with a 2 second block time. 👊

In this release, the public cannot submit trades as it is a private testnet release to find the stability of Polkadex nodes. There will be frequent restarts of the testnet by our development team. The next release of our testnet will enable the public to run a node, check the blocks, and submit trades. …

DeFi rave has triggered the 2020 bull run for Crypto industry. Wherever you look, you see people trying to make AMM based DEXes. The success of Uniswap has probably made investors queuing up to invest in projects focused on liquidity mining and swap protocols. However, may we ask this question? Is this the final shape and form of Decentralized exchanges of the future?

To answer these questions, we need to go back two years into the crypto sphere — a world chocked by scalability issues with Ethereum. Smart contracts couldn’t scale to the level demanded by killer apps waiting to see the daylight to this very day. Blockchain evangelists and smart contract gurus foresaw a world run on intelligent contracts on the blockchain, but simply the “real estate” didn’t have the power to support their vision. …

One of the common problems with Decentralized exchanges is front-running. Wikipedia defines this as,

In DEX world, front-running happens a little differently, and rather than working on nonpublic information, you get to work with publicly available orderbook, slipping in the order at the very last minute — though technically at the very last second.



A decentralized, peer-peer, order book based cryptocurrency exchange built on substrate

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