Claiming Your Polkadex Open Beta Rewards

The issues from the Polkadex Open Beta’s first 45 day testing cycle have now been rated and the rewards have been tallied.

Reward cycles


Reward pools

Total reward pools for the 45 day testing cycle

  • $2,000 for all issues rated as ‘Critical’
  • $1,000 for issues rated as ‘Moderate’
  • $500 for issues rated as ‘Normal’

Step by step claiming guide

  1. Send an email to requesting for your rewards to be sent out to the Polkadex account address you used to file the feedback.
  2. Use the subject line ‘Cycle n rewards request’ where ’n’ is the cycle number for which you are requesting rewards.
  3. Attach a screenshot of your eligible rewards from the rewards tally spreadsheet.
  4. Make sure to use the same email address mentioned on your verified on-chain identity. Only the Open Beta testers who send the reward request email from the same email address as the one listed on their on-chain identity will receive their respective rewards. Double check whether your on-chain identity is verified. As mentioned in the Terms & Conditions, only testers with a verified on-chain identity will be able to claim rewards.
  5. Shortly after you send your rewards claim to, you will receive a link to verify your identity. Complete the identity verification instructions in the link.*
  6. After your details have successfully been verified, the Polkadex finance team will send you your rewards.
  7. Be sure to claim your rewards using the steps in this guide before the end of the next testing cycle (45 days from October 2nd)
  • Checking whether the email address your request is sent from matches the email address provided on your on-chain identity and your logged GitHub issues
  • Whether the rewards claimed are accurate
  • Whether the screenshot from the rewards tally spreadsheet matches the actual amount on the sheet.

Terms & Conditions

Thank you, Polkadexers

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