Highlights of August at Polkadex

Summertime when the living’ was buzzing at Polkadex! Dive in to recap what we managed to achieve in August and, as always, get a little glimpse into our plans for September.

August marked the beginning of our Testnet V3.0 roll-outs! We started from the Guide for running a validator node on our Testnet and are proud to say that Polkadex already has over 100 validators. You can check what’s next here in the Testnet Phases & Timeline article and learn how & when Polkadex Mainnet will shape up in the Polkadex Mainnet 101.

What a month for Polkadex! Notably, August is the first month when Polkadex went truly global 🌏 We had coverage and mentions in various languages including Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Tamil, Russian, Polish, French, Portuguese and others. This month Polkadex received over 60 mentions and separate articles from CoinSpeaker, ChainNews, CNBC Indonesia, Investing.com, Hackernoon, CryptoNews,CryptoNewsFlash, CoinPedia, TechTimes and other blockchain & finance media outlets. As a cherry on top, we got a dedicated page in the CoinTelegraph report on the Polkadot ecosystem and were mentioned in the dedicated intro article.

Youtube and crypto Twitter were very welcoming for us in August, too. Polkadex caught the attention of some of the best crypto Youtubers including Crypto Banter, Lark Davis, EllioTrades Crypto, KryptosChain, Joe Parysand other cool YouTube accounts. Moreover, this month our ED, Vivek Prasannan, gave an interview to DYOR Crypto and Polkadex was explained in a beautiful cartoon by CryptoNated.

We partnered with Hummingbot to provide more opportunities for our community members to earn some extra cash on their PDEX holdings on KuCoin. Check out all the details here in case you missed it. There are still 2 months left until the end of the program.

As always, our community makes our days, weeks and months! In August we welcomed some new members on board 🥳 And not only to the English-speaking channels — at the end of August we started local community groups on Telegram for those of you who speak Spanish, Turkish, Russian and Hindi.

In August we saw the exponential growth of the token holders number. Now there are close to 4,5K independent wallet addresses holding PDEX (around 30% monthly increase not including holders on exchanges). Also, our Discord channel has more than doubled this month (116% growth) while the growing Polkadex Reddit and YouTube accounts are running a little short of members to reach 1K followers (it’s a little hint for you 😉).

Lastly, since the August 25th launch of the Polkadex Testnet gave community members the ability to start running validator nodes, there are now approximately 170 nodes validating the Polkadex Testnet around the world. In total, almost 350 people have joined the Polkadex Testnet either as validators or nominators in the past few days!

That’s a wrap for August!

In September our plan is to:

⚫️ Start the beta-testing for the PolkaIDO launchpad and move to the public Testnet
⚫️ Launch Polkadex Mainnet and invite our community to become stakers & validators to stabilize the network
⚫️ And some other exciting activities!

Follow our official accounts to see what we are up to:



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