Native PDEX gets listed on KuCoin

The first centralized exchange to list PDEX back in 2021 has now added support for native PDEX

2 min readApr 7, 2022


KuCoin has finally added support for native PDEX. The leading exchange in terms of total PDEX holdings is now offering native PDEX deposits and withdrawals.

Since the launch of the Polkadex mainnet in late September of 2021, the Polkadex token has been in the process of migrating from ERC-20 PDEX on Ethereum to native PDEX on the Polkadex network. While most PDEX is now native PDEX on Polkadex, some ERC-20 PDEX remains in circulation.

As a matter of fact, there are around 1.1 million PDEX on KuCoin, making that the last big chunk of PDEX remaining in ERC-20 form. While almost 1.2 million PDEX have been migrated from Ethereum to Polkadex and more PDEX has been released onto the Polkadex network in accordance with the token release schedule, around 1.9 million PDEX remain on the Ethereum network as ERC-20 tokens. With KuCoin supporting the migration, 1.1 out of the 1.9 million PDEX tokens should make their way over to the Polkadex mainnet as KuCoin begins its support for native PDEX deposits and withdrawals.

Polkadex x KuCoin

The addition of native PDEX support marks the start of a new chapter of collaboration between Polkadex and KuCoin and shows KuCoin’s commitment to supporting Polkadex throughout its growth.

“We’re thrilled to see KuCoin finally add support for native PDEX and can’t wait for PDEX holders on KuCoin to get their hands on native PDEX” said Polkadex COO & Co-Founder Deepansh Singh. “KuCoin has supported us since the very beginning and we’re proud to see this important partnership continue to grow.”

All Polkadex exchange partners have now listed native PDEX. This eliminates any potential hitches when trading PDEX and concentrates most PDEX liquidity under the native PDEX ‘roof’. A highly anticipated move by many in the Polkadex community, KuCoin’s listing of native PDEX will make getting and using PDEX easier than ever before.

Native PDEX deposits and withdrawals are now available on KuCoin! If you don’t want to miss out on any Polkadex developments, follow the channels below.

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