Polkadex is officially a part of the Substrate Builders Program

The program gives the Polkadex team the hands-on support and resources necessary to take Polkadex to the next level

To recap, what is Substrate?

What is the Substrate Builders Program?

How do teams like Polkadex benefit from being in the program?

  1. Technical support
  2. Community support
  3. Community funding opportunities
  4. Ecosystem support
  5. Strategy and feedback

Polkadex and the Substrate Builders Program

  1. We’ve been able to get technical support from Parity’s engineers and continue to do so whenever needed.
  2. Periodic reviews have helped us further understand how to realize the Polkadex vision and set priorities to achieve it.
  3. It has opened the door to potential ecosystem partnerships that will ensure an even better future for Polkadex.

What is the difference between the Web3 Foundation Grants program and the Substrate Builder’s Program?

The phases of the Substrate Builders Program

Hitting milestones



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