Polkadex Orderbook is Now Available on the Public Open Beta

The new release marks the first at-scale application of trusted execution environment technology combined with blockchain (public testnet).

What is Polkadex Orderbook?

Why is this release important?

Polkadex Open Beta

Testing Polkadex Orderbook

Here’s a list of things to test for in this release:

  1. Creating a proxy (Orderbook) account using your main Polkadex account. You’ll need to click the ‘Sign up’ button on the Orderbook login page and follow the subsequent steps.
  2. Depositing tokens from your main account onto the proxy account of Orderbook. Essentially, this update allows you to deposit your balances onto your proxy account on the Orderbook TEE. You’ll have to find the wallet section and deposit your test PDEX, ETH, and DOT. This release currently only supports deposits from your blockchain account to the proxy account. Support for withdrawals will be added soon.
  3. Place limit orders and market for buy and sell trades.
  4. Check the graph’s real time updates.
  5. Check your order and trade history.
  6. Check recent trade events.
  7. Cancel orders.

Test and earn

From Testnet to Mainnet



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