Polkadex Partners with AirLyft to Boost Ambassador Program

2 min readNov 9, 2023

Polkadex is streamlining its Ambassador Program as it partners with AirLyft for Phase II. The new partnership aims to make the program more open, current, efficient, and fair. New types of tasks will ensure that the most active ambassadors, and those most familiar with Polkadex products are rewarded more effectively.

The Polkadex Ambassador Program is a Polkadex treasury-approved initiative run by the Polkadex team. It is designed to activate the Polkadex community and allow community members to take the lead on increasing awareness about a new, better way to trade.

New possibilities

A major addition to the program is the capability for ambassadors to complete on-chain tasks. This means that those actively trading on the Polkadex Orderbook and getting hands-on with Polkadex will have exclusive access to special content creation tasks, along with corresponding rewards.

“We’re excited to get AirLyft’s help with on-chain tasks,” said Deepansh Singh, COO and Co-Founder of Polkadex. “Not only will on-chain tasks incentivize further use of Polkadex Orderbook, they will also allow those who trade on Orderbook most often to create helpful content and reap rewards.”

This partnership also lets Polkadex offer new, time-sensitive tasks that coincide with their latest campaigns, ensuring ambassadors are always maximizing the reach of current Polkadex news and updates.

Friendly competition

The integration with AirLyft also comes with a public leaderboard, which offers real-time updates on points. The leaderboard should act as a natural incentive for friendly competition among ambassadors.

New tasks coming soon!

With this partnership, Polkadex is not only boosting the efficiency of the program but also enhancing the engagement within the Polkadex community. Ready to rise to the challenge? Stay tuned for the upcoming iBTC listing campaign and join us in taking the Polkadex Ambassador Program to the next level.

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