Polkadex partners with Staking Rewards for better PDEX staking

With a killer rewards calculator, a tracker of individual validator’s rewards, and more awesome features, Staking Rewards is set to be an essential part of any Pollkadexer’s tool kit.

2 min readJan 31, 2022

Great news for native PDEX holders, stakers, and validators: The Polkadex network is now integrated into Staking Rewards!

What is Staking Rewards?

An essential for all participants in Proof of Stake networks, Staking Rewards is the leading data provider for staking and has been guiding investors through the landscape of yield-generating crypto assets since 2017.

What does the partnership mean?

As part of the partnership, Staking Rewards has integrated the Polkadex blockchain and created a verified profile for Polkadex with real-time data, detailed FAQs, and various helpful tools for any and all network participants. For example, investors can now add Polkadex to their portfolio, calculate their staking return with the advanced rewards calculator, and even track individual validators and sort them by their specific rewards percentage.

If you’re trying to decide between nominating a validator or running your own validator, Staking Rewards also has a comparative tool that helps you measure the differences in rewards between each option. Staking Rewards will also continually provide maintenance updates and will even create a detailed staking guide for users interested in staking their PDEX on Polkadex.

The Polkadex network

Launched at the end of September 2021, the Polkadex network has only grown since. There are now over 1,400 stakers and 120 active validators (plus 35 more waiting to become active). With 1.375 million PDEX (over $10 million) staked, Polkadex is currently the 105th network with the highest staked value. Meanwhile, with over 45% average APY, the Polkadex network proudly sits among the top 20 networks with the highest return.

We are excited this partnership and how it will allow the Polkadex community to analyze the rewards via PDEX staking down to the decimals!

Deepansh S, COO of Polkadex

When it comes to yield-generating crypto assets, PDEX has to be in the conversation. As the Polkadex network grows, we’re proud to provide Polkadexers with the data and tools they need to maximize their staking rewards

Quote from X at Staking Rewards

Polkadex’s integration with Staking Rewards will significantly enhance the staking experience for current and future Polkadex network participants. To keep track of Polkadex’s growth and welcome future Polkadexers to the community, join the channels below.

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