September at Polkadex

An amazing month capped off by the launch f the Polkadex Mainnet!

  • The Polkadex Twitter page grew by 20% (over 9,000 new followers) to reach a follower count of over 55,000
  • The Polkadex Discord server has seen the most substantial growth of all with over 900 new members to bring the total member count to 1,450: almost triple the ~500 members at the start of the month!
  • The Polkadex YouTube channel and official subreddit grew by 15% and 20% respectively and each easily surpassed the 1,000 subscribers/members milestones.
  • We’ve also seen a 15% increase in the LinkedIn followers for Polkadex and over 20% growth in followers on Medium!
  • The recently-launched Polkadex Telegram communities in languages other than English grew by an average of 55%



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