Testnet Listing: GLMR is now available on Polkadex Orderbook on Kaizen

With an open XCM channel between Moonbeam and Polkadex testnets, anyone in the DotSama community can now get a sense of what trading GLMR in a non-custodial order book-based exchange will be like soon.

2 min readJun 9, 2023

The XCM channel between the Polkadex testnet parachain, Kaizen and the Moonbeam testnet parachain, Moonbase Alpha is now open! In other words, you can now ‘trade’ GLMR with PDEX and DOT on Polkadex Orderbook.

Testnet means testnet

While this update is currently only on a Kaizen (testnet) version of Polkadex Orderbook, and the GLMR and PDEX you’ll trade are testnet tokens without monetary value, this milestone is significant as it proves just how easy it will be to trade DotSama assets in the very near future, while also laying the groundwork for a future GLMR listing on Polkadex Orderbook.

XCM Season

This important step also marks the first open XCM channel between Kaizen and any other testnet parachain and is part of an ongoing effort to connect Polkadex to other parachains via XCM, with the ultimate goal of adding listings to Polkadex Orderbook.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with the Moonbeam team,” said Polkadex CEO and Co-Founder Gautham J. “We’re very proud to have Moonbeam as our first open XCM channel on testnet and we can’t wait to continue to work together to make trading GLMR (and other Moonbeam-based assets) easier than ever thanks to our non-custodial orderbook exchange, Polkadex Orderbook.”

What’s next?

With XCM, Polkadex is now learning to talk to other parachains, which is a sign of exciting times. This testnet listing of GLMR is merely a glimmer of what is possible when mainnet GLMR and mainnet Polkadex Orderbook meet.

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Testing Guide

What you’ll need?


  • Request tokens from the PDEX and Moonbase Alpha faucets
  • Visit THEA and Deposit GLMR from Moonbase Alpha to Kaizen via XCM
  • Sign up for Polkadex Orderbook or login with an existing account
  • Register a trading account in Accounts
  • Navigate to Balances and deposit test GLMR and/or test PDEX into your Polkadex Orderbook account
  • Place limit orders to set your own price or market orders to fill existing orders in the order book
  • Withdraw your assets from Polkadex Orderbook to your Kaizen account
  • Send your GLMR back to Moonbase Alpha via the THEA Withdraw feature.