The Polkadex Ambassador Program is Here

Become a Polkadex Ambassador and help revolutionize the future of noncustodial trading

4 min readSep 13, 2022

Last week, the Polkadex Council approved the Polkadex Ambassador Program Phase I Treasury proposal which allocates a spend of 6,578 PDEX towards the first phase of our new ambassador program. This is an exciting development as it introduces yet another way for Polkadexers to earn PDEX while contributing to the project.

The start of the Polkadex Ambassador Program is an amazing opportunity for determined community leaders to join the Polkadex family, help spread the word about Polkadex, and pave the way to better non-custodial trading,” said Polkadex’s Head of Marketing, Dagmara Handzlik.


The program aims to educate, inspire, incentivize and grow the Polkadex global community and reward its leaders (ambassadors) for their contributions. While the goals of the program may change throughout later phases, Phase I ambassadors will be guided by the following goals:

I. Educate the Polkadex community (including local communities) about Polkadex and the wider Dotsama ecosystem and guide them on available solutions and opportunities.

  • Produce valuable educational content
  • Translate available product and marketing materials to local languages

II. Grow and expand the Polkadex community in global and local channels including Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and YouTube.

III. Inspire — Encourage ideas within the Polkadex community.

  • Content creation
  • Product improvements
  • Building on top of Polkadex

IV. Protect community members from scams, phishing, etc.

V. Build brand recognition for Polkadex across other communities.

VI. Community leadership/moderation.

Who can become a Polkadex ambassador?

If you’re reading this, we are looking for you! We are looking for Web3, DeFi, and Polkadex community leaders who have the skills and determination to promote Polkadex across global and local channels and communities. Ambassadors will act as regional representatives, creators, translators, educators, moderators, influencers, and more. Whether you are a thought leader in your community, a Youtube content creator, an influencer on Twitter, a trading enthusiast who is comfortable using multiple languages, or someone who simply just likes to make memes, the Polkadex ambassador program is for you.

Do you have what it takes to become a Polkadex ambassador? Apply here.

Grow alongside Polkadex

Ambassadors will be guided by the program’s Phase I goals as they complete relevant tasks and accumulate points. Each task will be aligned with one or more Phase I goals and, upon completion, will bring Polkadex one step closer to achieving said goals.

Individual & For Official Use Tasks

Content-focused tasks will be split into individual tasks (ambassadors creating content to share on their own channels), and tasks submitted for team approval (mostly for content which may be shared on official Polkadex channels). Individual tasks will allow ambassadors to grow their own brand alongside Polkadex, while tasks submitted for team approval will result in a greater amount of official content on Polkadex channels.

The Polkadex Ambassador Hub on Notion

Rewards Pool: 6,578 PDEX

During Phase I, 6,578 PDEX are set to be distributed amongst ambassadors based on how many tasks they complete and how many points they earn. In other words, complete and submit tasks and you will earn points!

1,000 points is equivalent to $100 in PDEX.

Once ambassadors have accumulated over 1,000 points, they are able to redeem their rewards for a PDEX equivalent using the conversion rate above. The 6,578 PDEX approved for Phase I of this program is designed to cover ambassador rewards for the duration of the phase. If the total amount from the recently approved proposal is not used, the remaining PDEX will be carried over to the next phase and could also be used for the creation of Polkadex merch (like hoodies, t-shirts, etc).

While any Polkadexer is encouraged to join the ambassador program, ambassadors based in the US will not be able to receive PDEX rewards.

How to Become an Ambassador

Want to help spread the word about better decentralized trading and become a driver of the next era of DeFi? Apply to become a Polkadex Ambassador now and earn PDEX while helping to educate, inspire, incentivize and grow the Polkadex community.

As the first phase of development nears its end and Polkadex Orderbook approaches its mainnet rollout, the Polkadex Ambassador Program will kickstart a new phase of community-led growth. Let’s make non-custodial trading better, together.

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