The Polkadex app is now available on Ledger devices!

An extra layer of security to protect your PDEX

You’re in control

Polkadex and Ledger

How to securely store your PDEX in a Ledger device

  • Set up your device and download Ledger Live on your desktop (make sure you’re running the latest version of Ledger Live 2.48.0)
  • Using Ledger Live, go to ‘My Ledger’, connect your Ledger device, and ‘Allow Ledger Manager’
  • Search for Polkadex in the ‘App catalog’
  • Download the Polkadex app from the App catalog and install it into your Ledger device
  • Now, using your Polkadot.js browser extension (download that onto your browser if you don’t have it already), click the ‘+’ button and select ‘Attach ledger account’
  • Select the Polkadex Mainnet from the drop-down menu. Make sure the Ledger device is connected and that the Polkadex app is open on your Ledger device, or you may get an error message on the Polkadot.js screen.
  • Click ‘Import Account’ to see your Ledger account’s Polkadex address!
  • Send native PDEX to your Ledger device’s Polkadex address (seen in the screenshot behind a purple line)
  • You can now also use the Polkadot.js/apps interface while your Ledger device is connected to your Polkadot.js browser extension wallet to manage your account and even start staking!

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