The Polkadex Beta-Tester Program has launched

Back in June, we began accepting applications for the Polkadex beta tester program. We received hundreds of applications from experienced traders, early Polkadexers, and skilled developers. Today, after months of work on several components of Polkadex (including PolkaIDO, Polkadex Orderbook and Polkapool) and after a successful Mainnet launch, the Polkadex beta tester program has finally begun.

Beta tester program announcement from June 2021

Who are the beta testers?

We’ve hand-picked and reached out to a select group of a few dozen testers that combines experienced developers, CEX traders, DeFi degens, and newbies. We’ve established a direct comms line between them and our dev team which will ensure that any feedback, questions, or issues testers may have are addressed and fixed and that the overall user experience is improved.

The first test: PolkaIDO

The Polkadex beta testers’ first mission will be to get familiar with PolkaIDO, find bugs, and report them to the team. In case you didn’t know, PolkaIDO is set to be a game-changer for IDOs (Initial Dex Offerings) as a fairer, cheaper and more transparent on-chain IDO platform and one-stop-shop for all token generation activities. For more details on how PolkaIDO is changing the IDO game, check the article below.

After successfully squashing all the bugs found by the beta testers, PolkaIDO will be released to the public Testnet. This will be followed by PolkaIDO’s own Mainnet release sometime in Q4 2021.

Coming up

Other components and updates will follow a similar path of beta testing followed by Testnet releases and finally releasing on Mainnet. After PolkaIDO, Polkadex Orderbook will be thoroughly tested by beta testers in different phases rolled out in different versions. Each version will be released as a new update for beta testers and afterwards rolled out to the public Testnet. Each update will have more and more functionality. After the beta testing of Polkadex Orderbook starts, the final component of the 3 initial components that currently make up the Polkadex vision, Polkapool, will be launched to beta testers.

Any future products and updates will be tested through the beta tester program before following a similar launch schedule.

The importance of beta testing

The importance of the beta tester program cannot be understated. A constant feedback loop between the Polkadex devs and the beta testers in the final stages of development is crucial for the Polkadex vision to come to life. Beta testers will be incentivized to maintain a high level of quality testing with a generous rewards program. In addition, this marks the first overall release of a component that is part of the Polkadex vision. While many components are yet to be released to beta testers, then the Testnet, and finally, the Mainnet, this is a significant step in the Polkadex release schedule. All in all, the purpose of the beta tester program will be to create a cycle of rigorous testing, open communication, and prompt reiteration that will allow us to make the best version of Polkadex, together.

While we can’t wait to launch all the different components of Polkadex to the Polkadex Mainnet, we’re super excited to work together with beta testers to make Polkadex the best it can be. Follow the journey in the official Polkadex accounts below!

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