Up next for Polkadexers!

Here’s what’s coming to Polkadex in the near future


Feature updates:

  1. Instead of being randomly selected as investors at the end of a round (after having expressed interest), PolkaIDO users will now be selected as investors on a “first come first served” basis.
  2. In order for a round to be deemed successful (for the IDO to go through), a 50% total threshold must be reached. Once an IDO surpasses the 50% threshold and before it becomes fully funded, anybody who has made a contribution to it will become an investor.



Mainnet Release — Orderbook 1.0

Orderbook 2.0

Bug bounty program details

Parachain onboarding strategy

  1. Orderbook Mainnet Launch
  2. Parachain reward distribution
  3. Parachain — HRMP channels with other parachains.


THEA 1.0, 2.0, and beyond

About Polkadex



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