We could not stay away and want to support India in its fight against the new wave of the virus.

Our donation of 11,00,000 INR (equivalent to $15 000) will go to Cryptorelief, a community-run fund delivering help during the Covid crisis in India.

The sum will be used to provide oxygen cylinders, food and medical supplies to local people in need.

Our vision for Polkadex Orderbook was to build a fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that would combine the advantages of centralized and decentralized exchanges in one powerful, technological and user-friendly platform. Our vision for the Polkadex ecosystem is a fast, secure and usable range of tools that are scalable, interoperable and can be easily adopted by retail & professional traders, as well as teams in the decentralized world.

But why did we choose Polkadot out of all the other options allowing us to develop a product that we had in mind?

It is essential to grasp an understanding of what is…

Following our market launch, we received a lot of interest and great questions from our community about different aspects of Polkadex. The tokenomics was one of your top questions, so we decided that this topic deserves a more detailed explanation.

Tokenomics is a very important topic for any blockchain project. Polkadex token economics was built with the help of our crypto-economic advisors. The system that we created takes into account the purpose, functionality & utility of tokens and is distributed in a way that is beneficial for early investors, the community and the development of the Polkadex exchange.

While it…

Last Friday marked the first big public event for Polkadex!

We arrived on the market with a bang allowing our community to participate in the IDO on Polkastarter and the IEO on KuCoin on the same day. In this way, we tried to give an opportunity for more members of our community to support the Polkadex project early on.

All in all both events were a great success with over full capacity in the KuCoin Spotlight event.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to control everything and there were issues with Ethereum gas price on the day of our launch.

We will host an AMA on our official Telegram Chat group on…

Tomorrow, the 16th of April is a big day for the Polkadex team and community. We are launching on the market with both Initial DEX Offering on Polkastarter and Initial Exchange Offering on KuCoin💥

Official PDEX launch schedule

16th of April

⚫️ 00:00 am UTC — Time for participation at the token sale on KuCoin exchange runs out
⚫️ 08.30 …

Whitelist for Polkadex IDO on Polkastarter was closed yesterday evening.

We received way more Whitelist requests than we expected. Big thank you from everyone in Polkadex team for your support and interest in our project!
We are over the moon to see more and more people from all over the world joining our community and wanting to be the early backers of Polkadex project.

Unfortunately, the number of Polkadex x Polkastarter lottery draw winners is limited.

But our community is everything for us! That is why we found another way for you to get involved early on.

We are happy…

We’ve been extremely overwhelmed by our community's support and excitement around our upcoming IDO since we announced the launch. Now it’s time to share all the details with you.

Polkadex Polkastarter IDO details

Date: Friday, 16th April 2021– 9.30 AM GMT
Tokens for sale in total: 125,000 PDEX
Token price: $2 per token
Total Raise: $250,000
50% to POLS / 50% to Public ($125k per pool)
Minimum holding for POLS — 7 days

For more info check: Polkastarter Support

How to participate in Polkadex IDO

Polkadex IDO Whitelist will close at 6.30 pm GMT on the 12th of April.


“A strong team can take any crazy vision and turn it into reality.” -John Carmack.

Today we are excited to announce a new addition to the Leadership team at Polkadex!

We welcome Ms. Kseniia Baziian as Polkadex’s Chief Marketing Officer to plan our marketing strategy and execution. Kseniia has a degree in Economics and Master’s in Brand Management and Marketing.

Her background and deep experience as a marketing manager in a broad spectrum of industries make her ideal to lead Polkadex as we continue to make deep inroads into the DeFi ecosystem and beyond. She will work closely with our strategic partners to make our IDO, planned for mid-April, a great success!

We are excited to announce that our Initial Dex Offering (IDO) will go live on Polkastarter in mid-April. Stay tuned for more details and the exact launch date.

We have recently raised $3M from prominent investors in the space during the seed and private sale rounds. Now it’s time for you to join our community and participate in PDEX token distribution! We aim to provide equal opportunity to all whitelisted participants, so make sure that you follow our official social media channels to find out how to get involved in one of the most promising IDOs of 2021.

Why Polkastarter

Ahead of its upcoming ERC20 Token Generation (TGE) event in Ethereum, Polkadex, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on Substrate, will use two independent audit firms for auditing its smart contract built on Ethereum.

Respected Blockchain ecosystem firms Omniscia and Halborn will be in charge of comprehensively auditing Polkadex ERC20 smart contracts using state-of-the-art tools, at a time when many DeFi projects are launching their token without strict audits.

As part of Polkadex’s security policies to ensure that the environment is safe for users, the Token Generation Event (TGE) that expires this month may be extended to accommodate these separate audits.


A decentralized, peer-peer, order book based cryptocurrency exchange built on substrate

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