What is Polkadex? What problems of modern traders and investors does it solve? How does it differ from existing CEXes and DEXes? How does Polkadex work? What is PDEX? The answers to all your questions are in this article!

Our community keeps growing with each week. Recently we see many new joiners interested to know more about Polkadex. That is why we decided to write this one-stop-shop directory for the Polkadex world. Find the questions to your answers or share the info with friends. Let’s build the knowledgeable community together!

At Polkadex we are combining the benefits of centralized and decentralized exchanges to create a revolutionary decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform built for newcomers, experienced DeFi users and institutional traders alike.

Some have predicted that Polkadex could be “the first decentralized exchange to actually exceed the capabilities of centralized platforms.”

Another month has flown by! Let’s recap what we achieved at Polkadex in July.

Find out why Polkadex’s launchpad is a game-changer for IDOs

Polkadex is not only the Orderbook DEX. It’s going to be a whole ecosystem with various functionalities! One of the most exciting features for the blockchain teams and community is our very own launchpad — PolkaIDO.

With blockchain disrupting virtually every industry and cryptocurrencies having another crazy year, “launchpad” and “IDO” have become some of the hottest words in the crypto world. Why is that the case?

The new demand has led to an explosion in the number of new blockchain projects. …

Future of Polkadex, product development, staying ahead of the competition, marketing strategies and PDEX token — all this and more in this comprehensive AMA recap. Full transcript included!

Yesterday, Polkadex’s Executive Director and Co-Founder, Vivek Prasannan, and CMO, Kseniia Baziian, joined the Polkadex Telegram channel for our 5th and biggest Telegram AMA (Ask Me Anything) session yet. Vivek and Kseniia answered the best of the 250+ questions submitted by the Polkadex community before the AMA and also managed to answer some of the questions submitted live during the event. It spanned almost two hours, so expect a lot of information about various aspects of Polkadex! To save you some time, the team has compiled this comprehensive recap with all the highlights of yesterday’s AMA. …

Learn more about our core product and how it sets Polkadex apart from existing DEXes and CEXes

Polkadex Orderbook is Polkadex’s core product. In simple terms, it is a fully decentralized Layer 2-based exchange featuring an orderbook built on the Polkadot Network. We have designed Polkadex Orderbook with two types of cryptocurrency traders in mind:

  • Users of traditional centralized exchanges who enjoy speedy transactions, advanced trading tools and an easy-to-use interface but have to trust centralized operators and thus give away control of their assets and identity taking on more risk;
  • Users of decentralized exchanges who retain control of their assets and thus lower their risk of losing funds, but have to put up with an inferior…

Why we launched PDEX as an ERC-20 token and what will happen to ERC-20 PDEX tokens once we launch Polkadex Mainnet

As a next-generation, heterogeneous multi-chain network, Polkadot is often hailed as the ‘next big thing’ in the world of decentralized technology and finance. However, many of the projects building on Polkadot network have often faced scrutiny over whether they truly belong to the Polkadot ecosystem or are just trying to take advantage of the Polkadot brand. Many projects were accused of not being true Polkadot projects solely because they did not launch a token or product natively on Polkadot from the start. However, at Polkadex we have no doubt of our belonging to the Web3 and Polkadot ecosystems. …

We had an exciting change of schedule for our Testnet V3.0 releases this week! Our developers and designers finished working on the interface for Polkadex Mobile App earlier and we simply couldn’t wait to share it with our community.

Keeping this article short and sweet, we’ll just add the useful links for you to browse: video of the interface and the longer demo done by our CEO, Gautham J, and Executive Director, Vivek Prasannan, and followed by some very interesting Q&As about the Polkadex app and other aspects of the project.

Enjoy watching and, please, share your feedback and suggestions. After all, we are building all Polkadex products for our community.

June was full of events and milestones for us! Let’s recap what we got up to 👇

Testnet V3.0: Schedule & Events

As a truly innovative DEX, Polkadex is even decentralizing the KYC process… but what does that mean, exactly?

KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines have caused a headache for financial service providers and users since way before cryptocurrency even existed. However, with the rise of crypto in the last decade and DeFi in the last few years, those headaches have almost turned into migraines, especially for centralized exchange (CEX) users. With the recent growth of the decentralized exchange (DEX) space, it seemed like the KYC issue was finally solved, only for it to reveal the limitations of the space. While there are many issues with the ways it is currently being conducted, KYC is still a necessary process to…

What is a Decentralized Exchange (aka DEX)?

With a decentralised crypto exchange, users can trade tokens without handing custody of their coins over to a third party. A DEX relies on automatically executed protocols called smart contracts that enable crypto trades to happen without a custodian in the middle.

Traders can seek gains and not have to worry that a centralised exchange (CEX) like Binance or Coinbase might suddenly limit access to their crypto or restrict their ability to trade it.

That’s proven to be an attractive offer — particularly for more advanced crypto traders. …


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