June & July at Polkadex

Polkadex is heating up: Ledger integration in developer mode, Orderbook out on the public testnet, Polkadex Open Beta, and more on the June and July Polkadex Highlights.

“Shine bright like a diamond” — Rihanna

Polkadex has been shining bright throughout the summer so far! We started off June with Deepansh getting interviewed in a Blockchained India Founders Under Spotlight episode as part of the Initialize Metaverse virtual event. Later in June, we got together with other batch 3 parachain slot winners (Litentry, Unique Network, Origin Trail, and Bifrost) for a Twitter Spaces Q&A session.

Social channels roundup

As of the end of June, there were over 62,000 Polkadexers on Twitter, over 21,500 members across our English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, India, German and Turkish Telegram channels, 4,135 followers on Medium, 3,529 Polkadot.js accounts holding native PDEX, 3,213 members on Discord, 1,654 members in the Polkadex subreddit, 1,634 subscribers on YouTube, and 1,502 followers on LinkedIn!

Bonus highlight

Another team get-together in June… This time in Berlin for Polkadot Decoded! We had a blast :)



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