Polkadex Partners with RMRK on Crowdloan-Exclusive NFT Rewards

The top 1k Polkadex Crowdloan contributors will receive RMRK-minted utility-based NFTs as extra reward

3 min readApr 13, 2022
The Polkadex Hero grants the top 1,000 Polkadex Crowdloan contributors a discount on Polkadex Orderbook trading fees.

As part of its Crowdloan rewards campaign, Polkadex has partnered with RMRK to mint limited edition NFTs. Thanks to this partnership, the Polkadex Crowdloan’s top 1,000 contributors will receive a Polkadex-themed NFT on Kusama through RMRK protocol.

Exclusive Crowdloan NFT

That’s not all though. As a utility-based NFT, it will also provide holders with exclusive discounts on Polkadex Orderbook. More specifically, holders will benefit from a 20%-50% discount on Polkadex Orderbook trading fees.* All the more reason to contribute to the Polkadex Crowdloan and help Polkadex secure a parachain.


The Polkadex Crowdloan NFT reward would not be possible without the help of RMRK. A protocol of standalone NFT legos that can be combined by creators to build complex systems, RMRK is the next evolution in NFT technology. By designing a protocol in which NFTs are multi-chain, interactive, eternally liquid, and forward compatible, RMRK has become a new leader in the NFT space and the go-to NFT project in the DotSama (Polkadot + Kusama) ecosystem.

“Polkadex needed a cost-efficient and eco-friendlier way of minting a thousand NFTs that would later be used on the Polkadex network… RMRK was the perfect solution” said Deepansh Singh, Chief Operating Oofficer and Co-Founder of Polkadex. “We can’t wait to see the synergetic relationship between Polkadex and RMRK grow throughout the years.”

Together is better

This partnership is a perfect example of the collaborative culture fostered by DotSama ecosystem projects. Also joined by their game-changing solutions in their respective areas, Polkadex and RMRK share the ‘better together’ ethos prevalent in DotSama. Collaboration is key to the long-term success of the Web3 ecosystem as a whole and if this partnership is anything to go by, the future is bright for Polkadex and RMRK.

About Polkadex

Polkadex is a non-custodial, peer-to-peer trading platform that combines the benefits of CEXs and DEXs into one powerful trading engine. Built on Substrate, Polkadex’s range of fully decentralized tools provides the liquidity of order books with the convenience and security of a decentralized exchange.

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About RMRK

RMRK is a team spearheading the development of the RMRK protocol for creating highly composeable “NFT legos” using NFTs on the Kusama.

Among others, RMRK brings the following features to the NFT table: emoting to NFTs on chain, custom burn messages, NFTs owning NFTs, NFTs that have conditional rendering (if this, show that), NFTs that have slots for upgrades, NFTs that have multi-resources (i.e. contain both code for a game and high-res cover art), NFTs that can be governed as DAOs, and more! It thereby far exceeds what the current ERC721 / ERC1155 standards and their derivatives can do.

Note: for examples of what this composability makes possible, see this video. To learn more about the upcoming metaverse, please read Kanaria: Skybreach.

*The 20%-50% discount on trading fees is subject to a maximum limit and may be subject to change before its implementation in 2023. Since the NFTs are minted on Kusama by RMRK, if there are no bridges available to move assets from Kusama to Polkadex by the time of implementation, Polkadex will conduct a ‘buyback’ and re-issue on Polkadex.