The start of 2022 at Polkadex

Parachain auction, Crowdloan, PolkaIDO public beta, Orderbook private beta… all this and more in just over a month. 2022 = year of Polkadex

It’s always better when we’re together

- Jack Johnson

  • The Polkadex Crowdloan has reached over 125k DOT contributed. That’s over 2 million USD in support of Polkadex’s parachain!
  • We distributed PolkaIDO test tokens to almost 2,000 public testers!
  • The Polkadex Twitter page added 1.3k new followers to reach 61.3k.
  • The Polkadex official subreddit grew 7.6% to reach 1,500 members, while the YouTube channel grew by 7.2% as it actually surpassed 1,500 subscribers.
  • There was a 16% increase in the amount of Polkadex followers on Linkedin and an 8% increase in the Polkadex Medium follower count, which is close to 4k followers.
  • The recently-launched Polkadex local Telegram communities (Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Indian, and Turkish) grew by 24% and now total over 5,500 members.
  • The Polkadex Discord server continues to become the ‘main square’ for Polkadex town. Since January 1st, the member count has increased 20% and is around 2,400.



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