2022 at Polkadex

From securing a parachain to the launch of Polkadex Orderbook and a shoutout from Gavin Wood, 2022 was the biggest year yet at Polkadex.

The main highlights of 2022

Dive deeper

New office

Growing together

Social roundup

  • The Polkadex Discord server exploded from around 2,000 members in December of 2021 to over 6,200 members by end of December 2022.
  • On LinkedIn, we went from a little over 1,100 followers by the end of 2021 to around 2,330 followers by end of 2022. That’s more than double in 2022 alone!
  • The number of Medium followers increased by more than 1,000 (or around 30%) to reach 4,621.
  • r/polkadex, the official Polkadex subreddit, grew over 25% to reach over 1,750 members.
  • Throughout 2022, the number of Polkadexers on Twitter increased by over 4,000 to reach a total total of around 64,200.
  • On Telegram, the number of members across all channels (Announcements, English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, India, German and Turkish) grew to around 24,000.
  • Over 500 Polkadexers subscribed to our YouTube channel in 2022 to reach over 1,900 YouTube subscribers.



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