October at Polkadex

Catch up on all the growth of the Polkadex network, new partnerships, and more!

Kseniia’s presentation at Digital Assets Week
Current state of DeFi panel
  • The Polkadex Twitter page grew by 3.6% (almost 2,000 new followers) to reach a follower count of over 57,000
  • The Polkadex Discord server has continued to grow as it has become the main gathering place for validators and participants in the Polkadex network. Over 300 members have joined in the last month, bringing the total member count to 1,760.
  • The Polkadex YouTube channel and official subreddit grew by 17% and 13% respectively as each surpassed the 1,200 subscribers/members milestone.
  • We’ve also seen a 9% increase in the LinkedIn and Medium followers.
  • The recently-launched Polkadex local Telegram communities in 5 different languages grew by 96%



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